CJ Perry apologizes to a homeless person for tweet

CJ Perry apologizes to a homeless person for his tweet. WWE alum CJ Perry apologizes after homeless post on social media. See in details.

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CJ Perry apologizes to a homeless person for his tweet. The musician formerly known as Lana has responded to the criticism CJ Perry has received for a comment she made to a self-described homeless person on Twitter. 

Adam, a user who goes by the handle "Adam," used Twitter to share his times of misery It's difficult to continue when you're homeless. You are ignored by everyone. "Everything serves as a remembrance of your past possessions," in response to Perry's since-deleted remark.

After commenting on a tweet by a homeless person on Twitter, CJ Perry apologized in a (now-deleted) statement. After retweeting a comment on how difficult it is to "keep going when you're homeless" and how everyone "ignores you" and "is a reminder of what you previously had," the former Lana drew criticism on Twitter, adding, "you have a device to tweet from."

After receiving some criticism on Twitter after the incident, Perry sent a few now-deleted Tweets, initially posting (Wrestling Inc):

“Let me clear something up about something going around about a tweet. Most people don’t know that I was homeless 2 different times chasing big dreams. I have plenty of empathy for the homeless because I was homeless. But I was grateful because I had a phone to tweet from.”

She continued by saying:

“I understand my Eastern European upbringing and motivational speech did not resonate with many of you,” Perry said. “As a kid and teenager, I had shoes thrown at me, I was whipped by my ballet teachers because they ‘believed in me.’ I apologize if I seemed insensitive and caused more damage. I truly was trying to motivate in the way I know how. Which I failed and I apologize for. When people would do that to me it always helped but I see it did not help in this situation. And I am sorry for that.”

“It’s insane talking about being homeless and now starting to remember all the places I slept that I blocked out of my memory. We truly do block trauma out of our memories and brain. I can thank many ppl on Twitter from re-triggering my trauma of being homeless.”

On Sunday, August 14, former WWE star Perry quote tweeted Adam and reminded him that he has a device from which to twitter. As a result of the comment, which received a ton of backlash, Perry began defending herself by pointing out that she had previously experienced homelessness.

Miro began to think about himself after getting sprayed by Malakai Black's terrible mist in a recent AEW Dynamite episode. Miro began to describe his struggles when Julia Hart came over, touched him on the cheek, and pleaded with him to give in to his urges and join the House of Black like she did.

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The former Lana continued to make comments as Miro's wife responded to Julia Hart's following her on social media. CJ Perry described her reaction to the episode in an interview with Busted Open, detailing what she'd like to do to Hart in the process.

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WWE let go of Perry, 37, in June 2021. Despite not signing up with another professional wrestling organization, she has kept herself occupied with other tasks. In the WWE, Perry managed her husband Rusev (who is now known as Miro) and participated in the company's final years as a competitor. 

She was the lone survivor of the Survivor Series elimination match at Survivor Series in 2020, despite never having won a championship.

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